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Monday, November 6, 2017

Video: How Samsung reacts to the arrival of the iPhone X

The iPhone X has been received as the great threat of the great technology dedicated to the manufacture of high-end mobile devices and Samsung as the main rival of Apple in this area was not indifferent to his arrival and has done so in a very particular way .
Thus, the Korean giant chose this Sunday as the launch day of a new announcement for the Galaxy Note 8, through a comparison with the iPhone from 2007 to the iPhone X, which criticizes the lack of a headphone jack and much plus.

Samsung taunts the iPhone in its latest commercial

Throughout the exact minute of the commercial, called "Grow up with an upgrade to Galaxy", Samsung walks through several iPhone launches, since 2007, mocking different characteristics and changes throughout its history. With the iPhone 3GS it mocks for its lack of storage space, while the iPhone 5s mocks for not supporting a stylus. For 2015, Samsung only shows a group of people waiting in line in the rain, presumably for the iPhone 6s.

Also, Samsung criticizes the iPhone of 2016 for not being water resistant, for its lack of a headphone jack and the lack of support for wireless charging enabled for Qi. Of course, the iPhone 8 and iPhone X are now compatible with Qi's wireless charging.
Finally, the persistent iPhone user in the video ends up changing to Samsung's Galaxy Note 8. For a final take on the iPhone, the Galaxy Note 8 user now passes along a line of people waiting for the iPhone X.
As funny or odious as this comparison could be, depending on who interprets it, it is not the first time that Samsung sends a similar response to an Apple launch. Before the launch of the iPhone 6, Samsung made sure to point out that Apple was not the first smartphone company to manufacture a large-screen device. The company also mocked the iPhone 5 for the duration of the battery.

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