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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

What the home screen of your iPhone says about you

Your personality is present in every decision you make, in every pattern, in every movement. We have already talked about how something like the color of your iPhone can define how you are without you even noticing, but today we will show you another detail that you may have overlooked until now. The organization of your home screen and what you can tell about you to those around you.
Yes, it is something that is often overlooked. But there are few who feel the obligation to mark a specific order in your list of apps, either to see it ordered, or in order to achieve greater productivity and efficiency when accessing each application. Perhaps they are even ordered according to the importance you give to each one. In any case, today we will tell you a little about what you may have been hiding in your icon pool.

On your mobile there is an appocalípsis, or on the contrary you have a perfectly ordered file of apps?

The free spirits, the revolutionaries, are the easiest to identify. You will not find any special order, and probably have not even bothered to move their apps since they installed them. Then we have those who, although they do not take productivity into account, have ordered their apps according to their color , remembering a classic rainbow. They are the creatives, people who take care of the smallest detail, it does not matter if it is the new Animal Crossing .
Then, we have people organized, those who can not avoid placing the apps according to their function or according to the priority they have in their routine. No matter how many applications are installed, all of them will be perfectly ordered to achieve maximum efficiency and not have to waste time looking for a particular app. Without a doubt, for them, every second matters. Although spending time ordering apps is not exactly my dream pastime, really.

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