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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Yes, Honor has presented its own Animoji and Face ID as Apple

Huawei has been in a hurry to create its own Animoji and Face ID  through its Honor brand.
The Honor V10  has several sensor sensors similar to the one used in Face ID.
Thanks to this, it is possible to recreate some Animoji like the ones launched by Apple in Septimebre. On this occasion, Honor promises that theirs are better.

Infrared sensors

Huawei Face ID
The Chinese terminal has installed a series of infrared sensors in the front of the terminal, where they manage to recreate a facial map of up to 300,000 points about 10 seconds.
Of course, this novelty includes the Animojis own Huawei and Honor, which highlighted that they were better than Apple.
The Animoji fever is hitting hard since Apple announced them in the presentation of the new iPhone X just a couple of months ago.
Of course, comparisons of both systems have not been lacking , where Huawei shows some of his available Animoji.
The new Honor V10 is also capable of unlocking the terminal through the user's facial face . All this, thanks to the infrared sensors incorporated in the front lens.
The facial release of the Honor V10 is somewhat slower than that used by fingerprint, namely 0.4 seconds , compared to 0.3 seconds of the fingerprint.
The front of the smartphone includes a VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser) projector , which would be responsible for "mapping" the face of each user as accurately as possible.
This new terminal is not yet for sale, where this morning has had official presentation . It has not transcended if this technology similar to that of the iPhone X and Animoji will be available in other Huawei terminals At the moment they have presented it in their subsidiary Honor with their model V10.

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