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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

You can now send money through Siri with BBVA

The latest update of the BBVA application allows us to send money to another person with voice commands thanks to Siri .
This new feature is included in version 6.3.0 of the BBVA app for iOS . In order to make the shipments, we need to authorize Siri in the settings of the application itself.
It works on both Touch ID and Face ID devices The procedure is really simple and fast. Siri will ask us for a confirmation before sending, to verify that everything is correct.

How to send money through Siri

The first thing is to have the application updated to its latest version and be Bizum users. Bizum is a mobile payment system integrated in the applications of banks. Activating it is really simple.
Once we have activated Bizum, we have to enter the settings of the BBVA application, authorize Siri so that it can carry out the transactions and we will confirm it by means of our bank password.
Once this is done, we have everything set up and ready to be used. We will not have to perform the previous steps anymore.
From now on, we simply have to execute the voice command. A natural order, for example: "Hey Siri, send 1 euro to my wife through BBVA" . It is important to add the word BBVA so you can access our bank.
Siri will tell us that she needs to access the BBVA data and will ask us for confirmation. We mark "Yes" and our virtual assistant can now operate for us.
BBVA has a security system , if the amount is greater than 20 euros, we will have to confirm the payment through Face ID or Touch ID. For lower quantities, we will simply have to have our iPhone unlocked.
The amount will be sent to the bank of our recipient, does not need to be from the same bank, or use an iPhone. We simply need your phone number and that you are registered with Bizum.
Then, you can withdraw the amount through the BBVA ATMs even without the need of a credit or debit card. It's as simple as sending money through Siri with BBVA.

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