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Monday, November 27, 2017

YouTube supports your error and launches an update for iOS

The latest update of YouTube  solves one of the biggest problems in the iOS version, where it consumed many resources, even in the background.
The complaints of the users for the considerable reduction of autonomy in the battery in the iPhone and iPad, caused that YouTube considered an important update to solve these problems.
Today, we find an update in the App Store, where a priori, all problems related to battery autonomy and device performance , would be resolved.

Indignant users

Image result for youtube iphone
The users of the new iPhone X gave the alarm. Using the YouTube application, decreased the performance of their devices, in addition to drain the battery in a very short time.
Another problem was the execution in the background , where the application was still working and draining the battery of the devices . So much so that it even slow down the processes of phones and tablets.
YouTube recognized his mistake and got down to work. With the update that they just released today, it seems that all these problems are solved.
The latest version is 12.45 , where they state that "We have fixed what had been broken and, by the way, we have corrected some errors." Normally, they do not usually specify in their version history what they have improved or solved.
If you have the YouTube application on your iPhone or iPad, we strongly recommend that you update as soon as possible to have a better user experience on your device.

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