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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

You've spent all your life using Android wrong, the excuse of Samsung to leave your iPhone

It seems that the launch of the iPhone X has been especially bad for the Koreans, because it seems that they have gone all out since the new Apple phone was announced. Samsung has rarely been seen as hostile as this year, and it's not just the advertising campaigns it does to try to convince people that the iPhone is not worth it. Now he also lends his cell phones to convince people.
At Samsung they are so sure of their superiority over Californians that they do not hesitate for a single moment when it comes to launching a movement like this. The truth is that it is not the first time they do something similar, but in this case if that is the most remarkable. Thanks to the "generosity" of Samsung, 10,000 Americans will be able to try for 30 days one of their latest Samsung Galaxy so they can see everything they are missing.

Samsung believes that their phones are better than any iPhone

Another reason why you may be doing this campaign, is the bad image they gained years ago with the infamous TouchWiz, responsible for a really bad performance over time. Maybe they want to show iOS users that there is no problem with fluency, however, I'm afraid they will not achieve anything with this . In many cases, it's not just a matter of fluency, the iPhone is just a thousand times easier to use than any Android.
Although for many it is a defect, iOS can not be simpler than it already is. Everything has been reduced to the minimum expression so that even a child is able to understand how it works without too much trouble. And this is something that Android does not yet have, although it must be recognized that they have made a lot of progress over the years. But in this aspect, they still have a lot, and meanwhile, many iOS users will not make the leap.

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