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Friday, December 29, 2017

A pair of Italian brothers will be able to sell clothes using the name of Steve Jobs

The European Union has failed in favor of a pair of Italian brothers who intend to sell clothing and accessories under the name of Steve Jobs and even with a logo that follows the style of the official of Apple , with a bite. This failure on the part of the European Union has surprised us many of us who did not expect us to stop using the name of an icon of technology such as Steve Jobs to sell clothes.

The Steve Jobs brand is a reality in Italy

Steve Jobs
The media La Repubblica Napoli has picked up this news naming Vicenzo Barbato and Giacomo who registered the name of Steve Jobs as their own brand and an achievement very similar to that of the Cupertino company. This registration was made at the beginning of 2012 and until today it has not finished making official. This in particular is what this means italaino collects:
The story begins in 2012 when the two Neapolitan entrepreneurs registered the brand 'Steve Jobs' with a logo that included a large J with a bite on one side of this letter. "We did our market research," the two tell us, "and we noticed that Apple, one of the best-known companies in the world, never thought about registering its founder's brand, so we decided to do it."
Apple obviously went to the competent institution to prevent this from going to market, but it seems that the European Union has shelved this case not giving the reason to the Cupertino company. 
From Apple they focused on the logo, arguing that they were plagiarizing the Apple logo, the typical bitten apple, but from the European Union they have not seen any clear resemblance between both logos. To everyone's surprise they can not claim the name of Steve Jobs since they do not have it registered , but the family of the founder of Apple if they can claim the rights, although we do not know if they will.
This decision seems to have been made in 2014, but they have waited until it was public until the trademark was registered all over the world . So these Italian brothers are now free to use this logo and this name.

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