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Sunday, December 10, 2017

According to Apple, facial recognition systems on Android can not be compared to Face ID

Apple hit the table with the new unlocking system on the iPhone X. The Face ID has been a small revolution in the world of technology, because with how well it works, can provide high security to the information we have in our terminal, which is the end where we have our whole life.
Apple has set the bar very high with the technology that has been incorporated in the front cameras, and now, the rest of manufacturers on Android are required to develop terminals with a similar system, offering a competing version , something very interesting and we are looking forward to see, then a system without references in other brands, we do not know how good it is to not have a reference.

Apple, criticism with the Face ID on Android

Face ID
To this, the head of marketing of Apple, Phil Schiller has made statements about it, stating that there is no possible competition to Face ID. The literal statements are quite hard, and certainly will raise many harshness in the rest of the user because literally to the translation, he called this technology on Android as  "stink" . That is to say, that the future facial recognition system that will be incorporated in Android terminals will not even reach the sole of the shoe to the Face ID of the iPhone X. 
It should be noted that these are statements of the head of marketing, and not at all personal, since in my opinion I think you should first prove what the competition has to know if it stinks or not. Because they may leave you open-mouthed and have to learn Apple from other companies.
He has also commented on this strategy they have had to remove the Home button and center everything on Face ID, describing it as a real technological advance, since they have transferred all the functions that resided in this physical button to the Face ID.
We must see what technology surprises us and see if it is up to Apple or not. But as I say, we must first try to give a clear opinion.

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