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Friday, December 29, 2017

All the Spotlight tricks you have here

Today we are going to talk about a very useful tool that you have on your iPhone or iPad and that is often forgotten. We talk about Spotlight, which is a way to quickly search your device , the web, the App Store and Maps all you need.

How to access the Spotlight search?

  • Swipe left on the home screen or lock screen.
  • Touch the search bar at the top of the screen.
  • Make your search query.
So now you have it, let's see now what are the best uses for Spotligth.

Find that hidden application

You must recognize that you have so many applications and games downloaded that it is often a nuisance to search for them. Instead of searching frantically in each and every folder , simply type the name of the application in Spotlight.
You will see what you are looking for in Applications . If that application has settings to adjust, you can also access its settings from Spotlight.

Search notes, messages and more

If you wrote down something in Notes and do not want to search , you can do it quickly in Spotlight. Start typing some words of the note or message and it will appear below the application to which you are associated in the Spotlight results.

Search the App Store, Maps and the web

You can search all three directly from Spotlight, which is very convenient.

Currency exchange

If you know the abbreviation of the world's currencies, you can use Spotlight as a fastand updated currency converter .

Calculator application

Why bother opening the Calculator application when you can only search directly in Spotlight ?

Start applications quickly

If you touch the Spotlight search bar, you will see the suggestions of the Siri application . These are the applications that you use most or the applications that are most relevant to you.

Keep things out of Spotlight

If you do not want the contents of certain applications and services to appear in Spotlight, you can disable them so they do not show up .
  • Open configuration
  • Touch Siri & Searches
  • Touch the application you want to turn off in Spotlight.
  • Touch the slider to turn it off.
We hope that these tricks have served to rescue from oblivion a tool as useful as forgotten.

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