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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Apple adds new colors for Apple Watch straps and silicone cases

Today Apple has surprised all users with several new colors in the straps of Apple Watch and in the silicone cases of the new iPhone X. This has not been announced by Apple, launching this application from its range of colors that we offers users the power to "dress" our iPhone or Apple Watch better. In total 3 new colors have been incorporated , responding clearly to the Christmas campaign, as many users throw away accessories, and what better than a new case or strap.

Apple incorporates new colors in these accessories

Three colors have been added to the sport band for the Apple Watch: neon yellow, turmeric orange and dark blue-green. In my opinion, of these three colors, the first two are for athletes because they call quite the attention for how intense they are. If you want something more sober so you can take anywhere, dark blue-green will be the best option.

The silicone cases of the iPhone X have also expanded its range of colors by adding neon yellow and turmeric orange  as in the Apple Watch, but the third color is the blue cosmos that we have in the leather cases of the iPhone. The price remains as it was until now, regardless of the color we choose.
This as I said before responds to the Christmas campaign, giving more options to change your old case or give a wash to your Watch. You can tell that from Cupertino they want to exploit these Christmas dates. You can find them both in the online store and also physical.

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