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Friday, December 29, 2017

Apple does not allow purchases in Family with Face ID

If we have members in family , we can not confirm your purchase through Face ID.
The En Familia function is quite attractive, it allows us to share subscriptions, applications or control the purchases of up to 6 family members from our account.
In the case that we put some kind of restriction, we need to confirm the purchases that others want to make, but for the moment, we can not confirm it with Face ID .

Face ID can not authorize purchases in Family

Face ID Shopping In Family
Authorize the purchases of the members that we have In Family helps us to have an expense control and to know if the application they are trying to download is adequate or not (in the case of minors).
Every time someone tries to buy an application or subscription, we have the option to activate this restriction, where we simply have to enter our security code or use  Touch ID to give permission.
Face ID allows us to save the need to type our security code when we want to make a purchase, as with Touch ID. Simply we put our fingerprint and automatically be authorized and download the App Store, but not for purchases you make with your family.
From Arstechnica say that this process is not viable with Face ID, while with third-party applications that contain integrated purchases, we can do it without any problems.
"We discovered when we did the iPhone X review that third-party applications that used Touch ID automatically used Face ID instead on that device, without any action from Apple. It was an impeccable and smooth transition, which is why it's surprising that it does not work for an iOS function offered by Apple itself. "
Apple already indicated that Face ID could be problematic with members of the same family , especially with children and twins. This could be the reason why Apple could block Face ID to confirm purchases in Family.

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