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Monday, December 4, 2017

Apple does not want you to share your iPad

If at any time you have wondered how wonderful an iPad with multiuser would be , Apple makes it clear, at the moment it is not among their plans.
A user decided to send an email to Craig Federighi to ask about some issues of Face ID, where he took the opportunity to tell him that iOS will not be multiuser (at the moment).
The user in question asked if Face ID could be used with several people , as could be done with Touch ID (adding the fingerprints of other people). Craig replied that this was not the purpose of Touch ID, nor that of Face ID.

One iOS device per user

Reddit Craig email
Surely, at home you have an iPad that is shared by several members of the family , where sometimes, you receive an email or a message that should not be read by anyone else.
This would be solved with a multi-user device , so that whenever any member of the family wants to use it, they have their own account with their individual configuration.
Apple at the moment is not in favor of this, so the only solution is that each member of the family has an iPad in property . This would be in the family environment, but having a multi-user device would be very interesting also for companies.
The only beneficiaries currently, is the education sector Apple allowed schools to create servers where they can manage multiple users on iPads and thus be used by students, along with a specific application for teachers.
Craig Federighi commented in the email that Apple's security systems were intended to be used by a single user, just like iOS. Although they do not rule out adding future multi-user support , at the moment it would not be viable.

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