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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Apple is claiming 125 million dollars to slow down the iPhone

Two users in Israel denounce Apple for slowing down the iPhone , stating that they would never have bought a current model if they had not hidden information about the batteries.
This lawsuit is joined by another class action lawsuit that took place in the United States last week for the same reasons.
Apple acknowledged a few days ago that slowed terminals that had worn batteries to increase their autonomy and avoid possible reboots.

Hide information and slow down the iPhone

Trial-Demand-Slow Down
The Israeli plaintiffs allege that Apple breached the duty to inform customers and hide relevant information , where many were forced to buy a more current iPhone to have optimal performance.
The denunciation by the Americans last week is similar. They point out that Apple confused the users, making them believe that they should buy a new, more current terminal in order for the operation to be fluid.
If they had known in advance the problem of batteries from Apple, they would simply have changed them to continue using their devices and not make a larger outlay.
The Israelis go further and claim that Apple had a clear interest to hide this information and thus replace the old iPhone of customers with new models. Apple, on the other hand, alleged that it hid information for technical reasons.
The demand of the two Israeli users allege that:
"There is no doubt that the information about the deceleration of the device is important and fundamental. The users had the right to obtain this information from Apple before deciding whether to install the software updates "
Both lawsuits have the same objective, to denounce Apple for hiding information from customers and to make them believe that they should update their iPhones to have a better user experience.
This latest complaint could cost Apple's coffers about 125 million dollars , not counting the collective lawsuit in the United States by several users last week for slowing down the iPhone .

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