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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Apple shares plunge because of low demand for the iPhone X analysts say

A few days ago we were talking about analysts predicting that the sales of the latest iPhone that Apple had launched were not being spectacular. This data has been based on Apple supply chains that have seen reduced orders for components, a clear indication that demand for the iPhone has relaxed (after the initial boom) not selling as much as Apple wanted. This has been noted in Apple shares that have sunk a 2.30% at the time of writing this post.

Apple shares suffer analysts' predictions

Today was the first day of the stock market after the information that analysts have thrown on the iPhone X, something that has been noticed and much in the value of the shares of the Cupertino company that seems that they are not going through the best moment. 
Apple actions
The renowned Bloomberg medium was the one that collected the statements of certain analysts who affirm that Apple's goal of selling 50 million units in these months would have been reduced to 30 million units . All this is based on the sources of the supply chain. Specifically we see the following in this medium:
Apple is said to have reduced its first quarter sales forecast to 30 million units from 50 million units, the Taiwanese daily Economic Daily News reported, citing unnamed supply chain officials. He also said that the main iPhone manufacturing center of Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. in Zhengzhou, China, stopped hiring workers. The company also known as Foxconn is the only iPhone X assembler, and also makes the phones in Shenzhen and Chengdu.
Analysts are almost all agree that the demand for the iPhone X has been satisfied , we should only see the waiting time that are very small. Although it was expected a demand for the device as seen in the iPhone 6, which was a quite interesting change with the arrival of a larger screen that made many people upgrade their terminal.
This time we have not seen, something that Apple expected with the design change. We will see if the coming years with the future iPhone we see something similar to what we appreciate with the arrival of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.
What is clear is that shareholders are punishing Apple with these predictions that we must see if they are met in the presentation of economic results. Leave me in the comments box what you think about this topic.

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