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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Apple signs the CEO of a chain of gyms in Spain

The CEO of Synergym finishes contract with the company and would have signed for the Apple delegation in Valencia this week.
This company specializes in low cost gyms with a wide schedule. The gyms are spread across the Spanish geography with an ambitious national scope.
Pedro Martinez Moya , the former CEO of Synergym, would be incorporated into the ranks of Apple after his departure in the chain of gyms leaving a good record of expansion in Andalusia and a strong projection nationwide.

The former CEO of Synergym

CEO-Pedro-MartinezPedro Martinez Moya would be the new signing by Apple in the Valencian delegation, according to the PALCO23 media Pedro would have finalized commitment with the previous company in the position of general director to embark on a new path in Apple.
About the former CEO of Synergym, we know that he specializes in customer orientation, coaching, sales training and customer service, human resources and management of business openings in the sector (among others).
Pedro Martinez studied at the University of Barcelona and currently resided in Malaga. So far, we have no more data on the position that will occupy in the Valencia branch of Apple.
The former CEO of Synergy obtained a network of ten gyms in Andalusia , correctly between Málaga and Lorca (Murcia), a financial solvency for the next year and an interesting contract with a manufacturer and supplier of specialized equipment in the fitness sector.
The departure of the CEO of Synergy,  Pedro Martinez Moya  to sign for Apple , comes at a time when the company is trying to attract new investors, but without considering selling part or all of the company.

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