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Friday, December 22, 2017

Apple TV returns to Amazon

It seems that at last Amazon and Apple have made peace. After about two years, the Apple TV is again sold on Amazon, but for now, only in the United States.
Possibly, soon extend to other countries , where in the United States, this return has been welcomed with open arms by customers.
Currently, all available units have been sold, so until a new order appears as sold out .

The Apple TV 4K is the first to appear

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If we do a quick search for Amazon in the United States , we find Apple TV 4K in its catalog. We do not know if they will include the fourth generation in the next days or weeks.
Amazon decided to withdraw Apple TV from its store because of a disagreement with Californians. One of these decisions of the company of Bezos, could be the incompatibility of Amazon Prime Video in the Apple TV.
Now things have changed. Tim Cook reported in the last WWDC 17 the only interesting news, the arrival of Amazon Prime Video to Apple TV before the end of the summer.
Summer arrives at the end of December , but in style. Amazon Prime Video is not only in the fourth generation and 4K devices, it is also in the third generation devices.
In the case of  third generation devices , the Amazon Prime Video application is automatically downloaded for our use and enjoyment. We remind that that generation does not have an App Store, being those of Cupertino those who decide which apps should appear.
We can see how the relationships between Amazon and Californians are getting closer. This is beneficial to the end user, us, since we can enjoy new content from the comfort of our Apple TV .

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