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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Apple updates AirPorts to fix a vulnerability

A few weeks ago, a vulnerability was discovered in WPA-2 protocols that affected AirPort , now Apple releases a firmware update to fix it.
This vulnerability is not only for Apple computers , this affects the vast majority of consumer devices.
Although the update has arrived somewhat late, Apple offers a solution to this vulnerability that allowed access to sensitive and confidential information.

KRACK is fixed in AirPort

AirPorts update
This vulnerability was called KRACK , where any experienced user could access the devices and connect to computers that depended on AirPort.
This update offers the firmware 7.7.9 and 7.6.9 to update the devices, putting an end to this security problem in the WPA-2 protocol. You can find the update directly in the AirPort Utility section, both in the iOS and Mac versions.
This update should be installed manually, it is a very simple and fast process. During the process, the router will reboot , so it will not be operational for a few minutes.
No need to do anything else on your part once updated, the KRACK vulnerability will no longer affect your AirPort equipment. What is strange is the time that Apple has been slow to react, where it is usually very scrupulous with security issues.
There is talk that the entire division of routers such as AirPort have been transferred to other operations of the company, such as the development of Apple TV and other divisions of it.

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