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Friday, December 8, 2017

Apple will buy Shazam shortly

Apple would be in very advanced negotiations to buy Shazam , the service to identify musical themes.
If everything goes according to plan, the operation would take place this Monday for an amount of 400 million dollars . This amount would be slightly higher since its last round of investment in 2015.
Currently, Apple has a contract with Shazam to integrate it with the virtual assistant Siri , where he is able to recognize the songs and offer the possibility to the user to buy it in iTunes or listen to it in Apple Music.

Shazam and Siri, perfect combination

Siri will be better integrated with many applications of our devices.
With this purchase, Apple will dispense with the current contract with Shazam to integrate it into more services, for example with Siri. Where is currently able to recognize musical themes thanks to the service provided by Shazam.
With the integration of Shazam in Siri , the virtual assistant is able to detect the songs that sound around us with a simple voice command. At the same time, it offers us the possibility of listening to music themes in Apple Music, so the purchase would be quite profitable.
In this way, Apple could amortize the purchase indirectly, that is, with new subscriptions of users through Apple Music.
Apple Music has a cost of 9.99 euros in its monthly plan, but there is also the possibility of adding a family account or a price reduction for students.
Shazam boasts more than a billion downloads . It has become a very useful and really popular application, it has even had agreements with commercials on television to download the songs that accompanied commercials.
If everything goes according to plan, this same Monday Shazam will become part of Apple for an amount of 400 million dollars.

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