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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Apple will not charge developer fees to certain sectors in 2018

The developer program of Apple, has a cost of $ 99 per year. But starting in 2018, this rate could disappear for non-profit governments and institutions.
Apple does not usually collect 30% commission for non-profit applications seeking funding to through of donations , but they have to afford the developer account to publish their apps. Thanks to this new modification of the Apple guidelines, you can also save the annual developer fee.
They are not the only ones who will enjoy these advantages, the governments will also be able to benefit from this advantage in the next year, but they are not the only innovations that Apple wants to implement.

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This new policy in the company, will mainly benefit non-profit institutions with social purposes and governments . At the moment, these two large groups will get rid of paying the annual developer fee. But Apple goes a little further and modifies another series of questions about the companies that develop applications.
Until now, a development company could publish up to 50 non-profit applications. This measure will disappear , it will no longer be possible to publish several applications of this type through a single developer. That is, they can entrust the application to a professional but they must publish it through their free developer account and not through third parties for applications with a social purpose.
Apple also wants to end the applications templates , will continue to approve them, but through a unique developer account. As in the case before (non-profit applications), a developer may continue to use their generic templates, but may not publish them in their name, it must be in the client's developer account.
These applications are basically "web apps" within the App Store , where they lack a solid structure and do not usually update properly, regardless of the content of the same. Apple does not want to finish with the developers , on the contrary, it wants us to have an App Store with contents and quality applications.

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