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Friday, December 15, 2017

Apple will open its first headquarters in South Korea, located very close to Samsung

The first Apple Store will arrive in the Samsung territory on December 30th. As reported by the company of the apple bitten the store, will be located very close to the headquarters of its rival, Samsung. The place chosen by Apple to plant its store in Korean territory has been, nothing more and nothing less, than the district of Gangnam - yes, like the song - known to house the most luxurious stores in the city of Seoul.
The battle for the first place in preference of mobile devices between Apple and Samsung is well known and at the level of marketing, has always generated controversial materials, such as the recent video in which Samsung deferred the characteristics of all generations of the iPhone to the iPhone X . Now with one store so close to the other will this battle intensify?

Everything ready for the opening of the first Apple Store in South Korea

Almost two weeks after this inauguration, the store already shows several details and according to the company responsible for its construction is almost ready and have given assurance that the new scheduled date will be met, one month after the originally scheduled date. Therefore, the works have been extended during the nights and weekends.
According to ETNews, the company in charge of carrying out this work, declared this Friday:
We have finished all the important interior decorations of Apple Store and we only have one simple task. Unless there are special problems in the final stage of construction, it will open on December 30 from 10 am to 11 am on the day.
In accordance with the architecture of the area where it is located, the Apple store is imposed covering the levels of the ground and the basement, with a total of 1297 square meters.
Although currently smart phone sales in South Korea are still dominated by local companies Samsung and LG, however, the acquisition of the latest generation of iPhone, for this market has been very positive, so the physical presence of Apple in the country could put the company in a more privileged position.

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