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Monday, December 4, 2017

Apple will pay 13 billion euros to Ireland for all its allegedly defrauded taxes in Europe

Apple and Ireland have had a somewhat confused fiscal relationship, which called attention to the European Union a few months ago. Such was the attention he received that he ended up accused of allegedly defrauding up to 13 billion euros of taxes collected with his products in all the countries of Europe. Apple is characterized by not charging taxes by country in Europe, if not all managed in Ireland where it enjoyed a significant tax advantage, which the European Commission did not like.

Ireland will receive 13 billion euros from Apple

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The response from Europe has been clear, one of the most voluminous fines of history, I did not like either the Irish government or Apple itself that have appealed this decision, but until terminated by solving , Cupertino and the Irish government has reached an agreement: to pay the 15 billion dollars in a fund. It was the prestigious Wall Street Journal that reported this agreement.
Apple Inc. and Ireland have reached an agreement on the terms of a guarantee fund, which allows the transfer of more or less € 13 billion (15.46 billion dollars) in supposedly unpaid taxes that the European Union ordered to Dublin to recover, from the first quarter of next year, said the financial director of Ireland on Monday.
This money at first was going to be deposited in a guarantee fund, but since Apple is totally convinced that it will recover it as soon as the European Court gives them the reason (if they have one) , they should still debate with The Irish government conditions this income that will eventually be realized.

In my opinion, this step is fine until this step is resolved and I only hope that they will decide once and for all to change to a just fiscal policy with all countries and equalize with any other company without any extra advantage. Leave me in the comments box your opinion about it.

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