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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Applications can now show pre-orders on the App Store

Apple already allows developers to promote their applications with a pre-order of them.
Thanks to this, developers can make a greater marketing campaign of their applications before it goes on sale or is ready to download for free.
When the application is already available for download, it will send a notice to all interested parties who have signed up to receive the application as soon as possible.

Pre-orders in the App Store up to 90 days

App Store platform chosen by many developers
Apple gives a window of between 2 and 90 days for developers to publish their applications in pre-orders once it has been approved. The approval time depends on several factors, not being able to determine a certain time.
If the application has suffered a price change in the payment apps, the lowest price will prevail for the users who had booked it before the upload. For users who have not reserved the application, the new price adopted by the developer may apply.
This promotion model, we could already see it with Super Mario Run , where weeks before its launch, users could receive a warning when it was available. During that time, Apple helped with the promotion in the App Store, where in addition, Nintendo was able to make its campaign in different social networks.
This measure will benefit many developers, where they will have an extra time to make some improvements while their application is visually available to all users interested in your app.
In order to activate this mode, developers have to activate the function in "Release as Pre-Order" , which can be found in the Prices and Availability section of iTunes Connect.
Thanks to this possibility of pre-orders  in the App Store, developers have a prudential time to perform the corresponding marketing and thus generate more interest in their applications.

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