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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Become a master of the iPhone X with these tricks

The iPhone X is an iPhone like no other, we already know that, but we must understand that this is the bridge between the present and the future of Apple's mobile devices. Now, beyond its price and its obvious characteristics, to master it properly, it is important to understand how iOS and hardware interact.
That's why we 've compiled 10 tricks with which you can exploit the potential of iOS 11 on your iPhone X.
iphone X tricks

10 tricks to master the iPhone X

Each trick will help you access your favorite applications faster and solve problems without taking an eternity.
1. Change Apps in a second
If you are like us, that we have using the iPhone since its launch in 2007, then what you miss most about model X is the lack of the start button. Apple knows that this change involves getting used to a new way of switching between applications, and the solution could not be simpler: slide your finger up to the right at a 45 degree angle - it's easier than you read.
2. Switch between the most recent apps in a gesture
Now, if you decide instead to switch from the application exchanger completely - we understand you - you can switch between the last two or three recently used applications by sliding horizontally.
3. Close applications
Close apps on iOS 11
With iOS 11 and iPhone X, everything is not faster and better. Apple has complicated the process of forcing the closure of a program. To do this, touch the red icon in the form of a subtraction sign in the upper left corner of the window of the app you want to close and then slide the application up. Ready!
4. Make a screenshot
Without the start button, this is another process that changes a bit, but not much. When you are on the screen you want to capture, keep pressing the volume up and power up keys until the screenshot is done.
5. Reboot forced
As we sometimes want to force the closure of an application, it is also important to force the restart of the phone, something necessary when an app is frozen without letting us use the rest of the iPhone. To do so, just press both volume and power keys, all at the same time, until the device reboots.
6. Open the Control Center
Activating the Control Center on the iPhone X is simple, but not so obvious. Simply slide down from the upper right corner of the screen, close to the cut made by the front cameras.
7. Record and share your Animoji
Animojis iPhone X
Well, this is probably the part you've been waiting for, how to share Animojis - basically the most popular iPhone X functionality on YouTube. Also, who does not want to share the karaoke of their favorite song played by their favorite emoji?
The functionality of sharing an Animoji is available in iMessage, but there is also a way to record and share it in any other messaging and social network application. The first thing you should do is activate the new screen recorder in iOS 11.
Now, to record, open a conversation in iMessage, touch the icon of the App Store, select Animoji and slide up to put it in full screen. Then, open the Control Center ** (see step # 6) ** and activate "Record Screen". Now let yourself be carried away by your inner animoji.
The screen recording function will capture the animation next to your voice. Once you're finished, open the Photos app and edit the video so that only Animoji appears on the screen. And now, you can share it with the world.
8. Record 4k videos at 60fps
As always with the iPhone, the camera is one of its most powerful features in its hardware. In the iPhone X is not different. The possibility of recording videos in 4K at 60fps has very few mobile devices currently on the market, but you have to activate it.
To do this, go to Settings> Camera> Record Video
9. Take a selfie in portrait mode
iPhone X selfies
Elevate your selfies to the next level with the portrait mode of the iPhone. Use the front camera, touch "Portrait Mode", follow the instructions on the screen, and hit the shoot button.
10. Hide the "notch" on the screen
Notch iPhone X
Not everything has been flattering for the iPhone X. The combination of the screen without borders with the cameras of the Face ID, forced Apple to leave a black segment at the top of the display, which has been called "notch". This has not been to everyone's taste.
However, there is the possibility of "hiding" it. But, unlike the previous tricks, this time, the functionality is not included in the iOS. To do this you have to download an application from the App Store called Notch Remover. This will create a black band at the top of the screen that will give the impression of an edge, "eliminating" the protrusion of the sensors and uniforming the top edge.

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