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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Being invisible could be possible thanks to the iPhone X

A developer shows a video of how you can be  invisible  thanks to the iPhone X.
The video only lasts about 11 seconds, where it shows all the potential we can get thanks to the TrueDepth camera .
There is no record of the launch of this app, so for now we can only see the results of this idea through its developer on Twitter.

Invisible thanks to the iPhone X and augmented reality

This application plays with augmented reality and the TrueDepth camera to get this effect in real time. In order to achieve this, the developer uses a static background, at which point the iPhone X "trims" the face to give that transparent effect.
Little by little we are seeing all the undiscovered potential of the TrueDepth camera of the iPhone X and the augmented reality of which, Apple is very involved. Tim Cook already stated in some interviews that they were not interested in virtual reality, but in augmented reality, at least they seemed much more attractive to him.
This type of effects is relatively easy to do with a Mac and some video application, where applying some masks, we can achieve the same effect.
See it directly on the iPhone X with almost no processes , make us to a new level of special effects to edit mobile videos.
This is just one of the possibilities we could do with this type of effects, but for now, Kazuya Noshiro has not revealed the true intention of this app. Neither if we see it soon in the App Store.

There is no doubt about the imagination of this developer to take advantage of the potential of the iPhone X to make us invisible and all that is to come with this type of technology.

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