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Friday, December 1, 2017

Changed the iPhone X by the SE to cover the space race

A reporter for The New York Times tells how he manages his work to cover the space race from his iPhone SE.
Kenneth Chang is a reporter who needs a compact and lightweight device to do his job. He tells us how he received the iPhone X on the first day of sale and decided to change it for the iPhone SE.
Despite the fact that the phone and the new features that it incorporated were liked, it was not convinced by the size with a case and much less its price .

Would you like to see an iPhone SE in the style of the iPhone X

Credit Sam Hodgson for TNYT
The reporter says that the iPhone X is a good phone , but with a case it was too big for what he was looking for in a terminal. The SE version of the iPhone provides everything you need to conduct interviews , cover the space race from anywhere and with a much more interesting price.
When asked what would improve the iPhone, says it would be very interesting to see an iPhone SE with the specifications of the X, with a front that was the  entire screen . That way, it would take advantage of the compact space of the iPhone SE and cover much of their needs.
At the level of a journalist, he pays attention to Apple . He says that the application of Voice Notes is something really essential for this sector, but despite the fact that iOS has a good app, it lacks some basic functions.
The native Apple application can be problematic when exporting audios, but it also does not synchronize with iCloud . Something fundamental to work in mobility and gain time.
Kenneth Chang tells how, thanks to technology, he can cover the entire space race from anywhere . Since his iPhone SE has been able to follow it in real time even when he has gone to pick up his family at the airport, something that a few years ago, was simply impossible.
You had to be at your workplace depending on a machine, now the mobility and portability of technological equipment, are able to cover the news from anywhere and from the palm of your hand.
Undoubtedly, this interview with the New York Time reporter gives us a reality check to show that the latest technology is not necessary to work in mobility and to cover all the needs in one device.
Although Kenneth Chang returned his iPhone X to continue with the iPhone SE , he expects a renewal from Apple for this device with improvements to the flagship of Californians.

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