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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Changing the RAM of the iMac Pro is not an easy task

If you were thinking of buying the new iMac Pro and then expand the RAM on your own, you have to know that this is not possible.
To change or expand it, we will have to go to an Apple Store or an authorized center, but in no case we can do it ourselves.
More experienced users will surely have the ability to do so, but they could  lose theequipment's warranty . Even so, at the moment there are no manufacturers that sell specific RAM memories for the iMac Pro.

Official prices RAM

Disassembling the 21.5 "iMac 4K
Disassembling the iMac 4K of 21.5 ". Source: iFixit
Apple offers the possibility of expanding the iMac Pro base, which has a starting price of 5,499 euros and where it can exceed more than 15,000 euros.
The RAM that comes standard, is 32 GB, if we double their capacity to 64, the price increases by 960 euros , but if we want to increase to the maximum capacity (128 GB), we would have to pay about 2,880 euros
In the 27-inch "normal" iMac , users can expand RAM without any problems. Simply open a small lid on the back of the iMac and insert the memories. A process that takes only a few minutes.
An experienced user, could change the RAM memory, but surely, this would void the warranty of the iMac Pro , in addition to needing a very advanced knowledge and specific tools for it.

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