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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Congratulations 2018 with the amazing effects of iMessage

iMessage is Apple's messaging system, very little used here in Spain and Latin America, but with a great impact in the United States.
If you really want to surprise a friend or relative who has an iPhone or iPad, congratulate them with iMessage .
The instant messaging application of Apple, took an important leap in iOS 10, adding a series of backgrounds and special effects which make interacting with our friends or family is at another level.
For parties like New Year , there are some special effects that will go with this date. Surely you will leave with your mouth open to anyone who does not know this function.

Congratulations with iMessage

iMessage Special Effects iMessage
In order to send a message with a special effect , we simply have to write our message and select some of the animated backgrounds. Let's see what are the steps to follow:
  • Open iMessage
  • Write our text
  • Press the arrow pointing up
  • Enter "Fund"
  • Select the desired effect (from right to left)
  • Click on the date that points up again
  • To cancel, just click on the "X"
That's it, our message has been sent with an animation that can also include sounds . Now we just need to imagine the surprised face of our recipient.
We remember that iMessage is free when our contact appears in blue, if on the contrary, it appears in green , it means that the message will be sent as an SMS. There the price will depend on each operator.
You do not need to have our phone number registered with iMessage to send or receive messages. You can us locality by our Apple ID or by our email .
You can modify or add more forms so that you can contact us from iMessage settings In addition to configuring other parameters, such as showing when we have read the received message. Among other options.

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