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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Do not look for them, AirPods depleted until 2018

It seems that we already know what will be one of the star gifts of this Christmas. Since they were introduced last year in order to begin a transition towards a world free of cables, or at least the Apple ecosystem, the AirPods have become a whole - selling . We do not know very well if it was all due to the sales tactics of the company, but over the last few months, they have suffered several stock breakages due to high demand.
And now, at the gates of Christmas, it does not seem that that will improve, fortunately for the Cupertino. And it seems that the wireless headphones from Apple have sold out at the official Apple store, and a replacement is not expected until late 2018 . Of course, there is a possibility that you will find them in other stores, or that some last minute cancellation will allow you to place your order, but you will need good luck.

The AirPods, headphones to leave the annoying cables behind

For those who do not remember very well what AirPods are, they are Apple's great solution to the problem that the iPhone 7 brought when it left behind the jack connector. These headphones, similar in appearance to the EarPods, are one of the best options in both quality and design for those looking for a good wireless experience. Of course, they still do not reach the same level of quality as premium cable headphones, but they defend themselves quite well in any situation.
In fact, as they have indicated in their presentations, the AirPods are quite useful for all those who practice outdoor sports, since they completely eliminate the hassle of having to deal with the wiring. And thanks to its W1 chip, the link to your Apple devices is as simple as bringing them to your iPhone or iPad , and following the instructions that appear on the screen. There is no simpler audio experience than this.

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