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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Google publishes the exploit of iOS 11.1.2 opening the possibility to jailbreak

Last week we told you the news that Google had discovered an exploit in iOS 11.1.2 and earlier versions. This failure in the security of iOS will be predictably exploited by experts to perform the jailbreak and publish it for those who are still interested in jailbreaking in their terminals, even if it is something that is almost dead. This vulnerability had been announced, but not published by the Google security team giving a term of courtesy to the affected company, Apple, but this term has already ended and is now public for all. 

This exploit in iOS 11.1.2 opens the possibility to jailbreak

You can find this information on the official Google blog, as announced by Ian Beer on his Twitter account. You can find this information here .
Although the jailbreak is dead almost for all users, surely this week we have news that the jailbreak for iOS 11.1.2 and earlier versions is available, although we will have to see how many people are in this version.
Project Zero is intended to track these security flaws and communicate them to companies, but it seems that Apple did not patch this in the beta version opening themselves the ban on their operating system is violated, not having more responsible, as they were warned and they have not done anything about it.
We must see how fast people are to take advantage of this vulnerability and if Apple expresses in this regard.

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