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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Google will open the door to the jailbreak in iOS 11

A few years ago the jailbreak was very fashionable, as it opened the door to have a much more customizable iPhone, including features that were not seen in iOS, although already if we have them with us, the ability to customize our home screen as If it is an Android or install applications that could not be installed through the App Store. All this was done thanks to the jailbreak that has been losing strength , almost becoming a memory. Although, now Google is going to reveal how to perform the jailbreak on iOS 11.

Google will give foot to the jailbreak in iOS 11

As most of you know, jailbreaking is done by taking advantage of some security hole that exists in the operating system . The security team of Google, Project Zero, is dedicated to finding vulnerabilities in the software, for example Windows 10 where they have detected quite a lot as in iOS, of which Apple has been reported resolving them in iOS 11.2.
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But it seems that not all security flaws have been resolved as there is one in iOS 11.1.2 and earlier versions that will allow jailbreak to those users who have not dared to continue updating the operating system of your iPhone.
Although in iOS 11.2 have been resolved up to 15 security problems among which are 5 reported by this security team. But in iOS 11.1.2, a version valid for users, this a vulnerability that will be exploited to do the jailbreak, and although it has been notified to Apple to be resolved, it will soon be published when the time of courtesy is exhausted. It gives the affected companies.
That is why, if these days we see a new jailbreak on the table, the person in charge of this is Google who would have revealed the security failure that Apple would not have fixed.

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