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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

He tried to repair 3 iPhone X and had to buy them again

A well-known YouTube channel, wanted to know how to repair an iPhone X in an Apple Store, the only solution they gave him was to buy them again at half price.
The video has been viralized in a very short time, having more than 624,000 visits at the time of writing these lines.
The channel is known (among other reasons) for making resistance tests in the terminals . Proof of this are the iPhone X that attempts to repair an Apple Store without success.

The iPhone X can be repaired

When in doubt about whether the iPhone X can be repaired, the answer is yes. But as long as they are quick repairs , that is, not when the terminal is practically unused.
The cost of parts and labor, would far exceed the value of the iPhone X, being the most sensible option, offer one at half price . As you told this youtuber.
According to iFixit, the repair of Apple's latest flagship is quite complicated, its score is 6 out of 10 , in addition to having expensive components and a very high repair time.
On the other hand, the replacement of a screen and battery, iFixit qualifies it with a very positive score . Being able to replace them without major complications by professionals of the sector.
Inside the iPhone X is very well used, so much that we found virtually no free space . So it is quite complicated to perform a specific repair, being the response by the specialists of the Apple Store very accurate.
As we see in the video , this youtuber got  iPhone X for a total price of 1647 dollars . A very reasonable amount after having "those mishaps" with the terminals.
Sincerely, I believe that the response of the staff of the Apple Store was very correct offering three iPhone X at half price and making the customer wait as short as possible.

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