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Friday, December 8, 2017

HomeKit has been compromised in iOS 11.2

A vulnerability in iOS 11.2 allows access to HomeKit devices without authorization, including smart locks.
Apple has solved the problem momentarily, where it is expected that next week launch an update to solve it completely.
The temporary solution that Apple has put in place is to deactivate the remote accessto the users who shared their devices.

A serious problem in HomeKit

The vulnerability found is quite serious, since unauthorized persons could access, for example, smart locks remotely, being able to open any door that included the HomeKit system.
The problem was known since October , according to 9to5Mac. Apple has sent a note to the same media to explain what happened and the solution that will come soon:
"Fixed issue that affects HomeKit users running iOS 11.2. The solution temporarily disables remote access to shared users, which will be reset in a software update early next week. "
Apple sends a message of tranquility to users, where they indicate that they should not do anything now. With the deactivation of the affected service temporarily, there should not be any more problems.
iOS 11.2 came out just a week ago to fix another important bug, in addition, Apple released another security update for macOS quite serious.
It is not being a good run precisely for Apple these weeks, but neither for users who are those who suffer these problems and vulnerabilities .
As indicated by Apple, next week we will have an update to solve this problem of HomeKit in iOS 11.2.

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