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Friday, December 1, 2017

How long is the battery of the iPhone X? we try it in real life

We have tested the battery of the iPhone X,  but it is not a usual test. Normally the battery life tests are done by testing different actions to the phones, that's fine, but normal users is not that tell us too much, where you have to perform tests is in normal use and that's what that we have been doing in iPhoneA2, we tested during the first 5 days of use the iPhone X using it in a normal way and in this article we count our impressions.

How have we done the tests?

The truth is that it is all very simple, we have not touched anything in the original configuration of the iPhone X. We do not use any tactic of saving energy. We have configured the automatic brightness, we have the background updates activated and we do not disregard anything (Bluetooth activated, push notifications of mail placed, location etc.).
We have not used the energy saving mode at any time, even when the iPhone indicated it to us. We have worked with the iPhone X, but we have also listened to music, played our favorite games and reviewed our social media accounts. In short, we have done what we wanted with him, exactly what you would do.
The tests begin the day after receiving our iPhone X. In the first hours after opening it we are dedicated to configure it and install our Apps and games, we let the battery that came from the factory run out and then we load it 100%.
All the test days follow the same cycle, we start with a full load and wait for the 1% to arrive, it is at that moment that we take the catch with the consumption and return it to load.
Nothing, now that you know how we have done the tests we will see the results.

This is how the iPhone X battery lasts

DAY 1:
You can imagine what happens the first full day you have a new device, you mess up everything, try the new functions and do not stop looking at it ... This was our first day with the iPhone X, endless tests, a few created Animojis , installation and configuration of different Apps, first camera tests ... In short, we almost did not leave it quiet.
Despite all the cane that we gave the first day of use, the iPhone X managed to hold from 8 in the morning until 00:04, a total of 16 hours and a minute of waiting and 9 hours and 9 minutes of use intense.
The truth is that we were quite surprised that the iPhone X endured all day without problem after the use we gave it, but there are the results, without cheating or cardboard.
DAY 2:
This day coincides with weekend, time to play and relax, we also go out to the street ready to test the camera of the iPhone X, both with photos and videos at the highest resolution. Keep in mind that we have activated both the iCloud photo library and we are Google Photos users too, therefore everything we did was uploaded to the cloud as soon as the iPhone X had WiFi connection. All this hustle made this day recorded the worst data of battery life on the iPhone X.
battery life iPhone X
As you can see in the last capture, it was not exactly an easy day for the iPhone X, games, second activity of uploading photos and videos, social networks ... In short, we use few applications that consume little battery.
The autonomy data is not spectacular, we reached 6 hours and 49 minutes of use and 13 hours and 38 minutes of waiting . This day we woke up late and this allowed the iPhone X to arrive at the end of the day fully operational. We consider the data good, we assure you that recording 4K video and 60 fps consumes a lot of battery.
DAY 3:
This day we lowered the rhythm of heavy application use in the iPhone X, we can say that we made a moderate use of the device, at least for what is normal around here. When the night came we realized that the phone still had enough battery left, so we did not connect it to the current at night and continued using it until the battery percentage was 1%.

Wow! We really thought that the battery was not finished this day. Almost 32 hours on standby and 12 hours and 51 minutes of use . The truth is that it is totally incredible for the battery capacity of this terminal.
DAY 4:
We came from a glorious cycle of 32 hours waiting and almost 13 of use, but of course, it was a weekend and the use of the device these days is lighter, so we did not expect results like this just started the week and with everything the work that we had ahead. But you know what? We not only had a similar cycle , we surpassed it! .
How hard iPhone X battery
33 hours and a half on hold and more than 16 hours of use,  the numbers speak for themselves. Do not believe that we cut using the iPhone, I think those 16 hours of use speak for themselves, but we also made use of FaceTime on several occasions, WhatsApp almost continuously and enjoyed our favorite games in the moments we could (I will not tell you what they were ...). In short, incredible results.
DAY 5: 
And we arrived at the last day of the test, this day we threw a little more camera and the autonomy times went down a bit, even so you can have a look in the screenshot below to see that they are still really good.How long the iPhone X battery lasts


It came from an iPhone 7 plus, so I was used to my phone holding the whole day without problem without having to go through the plug, one of the things that looked with suspicion of the iPhone X was precisely this, has a battery (good , actually has two) of lower capacity and also the Face ID is almost constantly working, a larger screen ... I was not sure that this model would satisfy me in terms of autonomy, however I could not be more wrong in my fears.
The iPhone X makes an unbeatable battery management. It is clear that the lower consumption of OLED displays has a lot to do with it, but it is also truly amazing the times of use that are taken from this phone.
Since I got the iPhone X there has not been a single day that I had to load it before going to bed, what's more, there are days that I even consider whether to connect it or not, that's enough to arrive at the end of the day.
To show a button, I'm writing this article at 9:12 pm and I still have a generous 34% battery left out of the stream at 08:00 in the morning. Hours of use? today I have 8, and those that are left ...
In conclusion, if one of your fears before buying the iPhone X is the duration of the battery do not worry, this phone has a rope for a while. We will see what happens as load cycles are fulfilled and the iPhone X ages, but for now I can say that it is the iPhone with more autonomy than I have had in my hands.

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