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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

How to prevent apps from being installed automatically on other iOS devices

One of the interesting features of iOS, is that it allows us to install the applications automatically on all our devices without doing anything.
For any question, sometimes, this is not necessary, it can even be uncomfortable.
Luckily, there is a way to suppress this really simple action, where in addition to applications, we can prevent books, audiobooks or music from being transferred .

How to cancel automatic downloads

What apps do I have on my iPad
The first thing we have to do is go to the device to which we do not want the applications to be installed automatically. Now go to Settings and follow these steps.
  • Click on your Apple ID (above)
  • Enter the iTunes Store and App Store
  • Uncheck Apps (or the options you want)
That's it, our applications will no longer be automatically downloaded to other devices.
We can also do it with sharing music, updates or books from the same place. Although this feature may seem interesting, it may not be interesting in all the devices that we have in our iCloud account Especially those who pay at home to the smallest.
In case you want to activate this function again , you simply have to do the same procedure again, but in this case, check the boxes of what you want to activate.
In this section we also find interesting options, how to disable or activate mobile data for automatic downloads, play preview videos or uninstall unused applications.
The section of uninstalling applications automatically is really interesting too, it will help us free up space on our iPhone or iPad with applications that we do not use in a long time. Quite useful for teams with less capacity.
Now you know how to disable automatic installations in a simple, fast way and that can prevent unwanted applications from being installed on our other devices.

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