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Monday, December 4, 2017

How to send perfect images on WhatsApp

Every time we send an image by WhatsApp , it is compressed and loses quality. But there is a trick to send them with original quality.
The application purchased by Facebook , is the instant messaging application par excellence without any doubts, that is why it has become a recurring application even to send us photo albums.
There are several ways to send images without losing quality , but today we will see how to send them directly from WhatsApp, using "Files" of iOS.

Send images without losing quality on WhatsApp

The first thing we have to do, is to have our images in "Files" of iOS. Thanks to the function "Copy and Paste" is really simple. We go to our reel, we choose the photos, we copy and paste it in "Files".
  • Now we open the app
  • Press on the " + " key
  • We select " Documents "
  • Click on " Explore " and select " Files "
  • We select the desired image and send
Now our recipient, will receive the images in the original quality. Of course, we can select the cloud we want, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive ...
This way we could send them from "Files" of iOS, but there are other methods like sharing an album . Google Photos or Photos of iOS, allows us to send a link with our photos with the highest quality.
That way, our recipient would have access to a shared folder with all the photos of an event. As you can see, we have several options, but if we want to send an image directly from WhatsApp without losing quality, we will have to resort to "Files".
Now that you know how to send perfect images with the original quality in the reference instant messaging application and the option to create albums, it is a good way to share our photographs at upcoming parties with the whole family or our group of friends through of WhatsApp .

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