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Thursday, December 28, 2017

If you're a Star Wars fan, the App Store has something for you

For all lovers of Star Wars , Apple has prepared a list of all the games with the theme of "Star Wars" in the App Store.
Up to 13  different applications with the same theme so you can explore all the possibilities of games already known from the App Store. Some even take advantage of the potential of augmented reality.
In the list, we find a great selection of games and applications with a really amazing Star Wars theme .

The App Store dresses in Star Wars

Star Wars iOs
Great developers have wanted to participate in this Star Wars party, from Rovio, Warner Bros, Disney or Lego , among others. Offering a variety of entertainment applications that recreate the saga for the most enthusiastic Star Wars.
Games known as Angry Birds , have not wanted to pass the opportunity to take their own game with theme of the saga to recreate some typical battles of these "birds." Mind you, disguised as Darth Vader or Chewbacca.
The own Disney sent an official application to be able to recreate moments of some of the films thanks to the augmented reality. If we have it right, a Stormtrooper will invade our living room.
Lego for its part, also wanted to be among the best applications with the theme of Star Wars . Lego has several games on different platforms with a lot of success, so in iOS they were not going to be less and they surprise us with several dedicated applications.
In terms of prices, most of these apps are free with integrated purchases, a "buy and play" and the Disney app that would be the only 100% free . You can find the complete list in the " Today " section of the App Store .
If you are a Star Wars fan , you will surely find a game that allows you to have a glorious afternoon with your favorite characters.

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