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Friday, December 29, 2017

iFixit launches its own battery replacement program on iPhones

The great controversy of the month or even this year 2017 in the world of Apple, the slowdown of the batteries of the iPhone intentionally and without saying anything to users. Yesterday this controversy finally forced Apple to apologize to users recognizing this slowdown and enabling a replacement program that eye, is not free, is that we will talk about later. iFixit have also wanted to launch a repair program for each user to change their own battery and that is quite interesting.

iFixit will offer its replacement kits for $ 29

In the iFixit blog , the company famous for publishing manuals to make the change of some type of component and the sale of kits to do so, they have published a post where they have given their opinion on Apple's strategy to reduce the price of changes of battery . And in addition, they will compete on price with Apple itself since iFixit has also reduced the prices of the kits they sell to make a battery change.
Change iPhone battery
I must say that I have made use of the kits that they sell in iFixit and they are incredible and very complete. In these we will find all the necessary tools to make the change of battery and obviously they will also send you the spare battery. 
The price of these kits will be the same as Apple's replacement program, $ 29 and will also cover models that do not fall under the Apple program, the iPhone 4s, 5, 5s and 5c. In addition to the kit itself you have all the resources you need on your website.
The advantage you have with this is that you will not have to wait for Apple itself to decide to open this replacement program  at the end of January Although if you are not a little patient and handy and you have respect to touch the guts of your iPhone, wait for Apple's replacement program if you can, and so will someone expert in this matter. In addition, the price after all is the same.

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