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Monday, December 25, 2017

It is estimated that iPhone X sales range between 30 and 35 million units

The iPhone X was going to be an iconic device for Apple with spectacular sales, or that's what they thought before releasing it for sale, as analysts begin to claim that sales have not been as expected from Cupertino. They have not been catastrophic but they have not been very high, pointing to that they would have sold between 30 and 35 million units, although we must wait for the official figures by Apple next year.

Has the iPhone X been a success?

It seems that it has not been a very good year in sales for Apple, when they thought they were going to burst the market with their devices. The iPhone 8 has not shone for its success that despite being a great terminal, the similarities with the iPhone 7 have made people opt for the iPhone X.
Keep in mind that the waiting times for an iPhone X were scandalous reaching more than a month of waiting but now this has been normalized and can receive it at 24 hours. This is a sign that demand has been reduced substantially added to the improvement in supply. But with this we see that there was a big boom in sales and reserves at the beginning, but it has been decreasing as usual.
The great mystery is how many units have sold exactly to assess whether people have looked or not the price with a magnifying glass to get this new generation of iPhone. In the absence of official data for this fiscal quarter analysts have been guided by component suppliers which is a great indication of how many iPhone are producing to meet the demand there is.
Taking these data it has been affirmed that they have been able to sell up to 35 million units in this fiscal quarter , with the 50 million units traded reaching 2018.
We must see the data provided officially and then assess whether it has been a success or has been a device , letting the opportunity of the tenth anniversary escape. Leave us in the comments box what you think about it.

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