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Friday, December 8, 2017

LG drops that the agreement to provide OLED displays to Apple is close

We are all aware of the big supply problem that Apple has had of OLED screens of the new iPhone X, and hence one of the factors of delays that we have experienced some of the users . Samsung has not been able to provide all the necessary screens to Apple, but it seems that soon it will not be the only company that provides this type of panels since LG will be added sooner than expected. 

LG could start soon to provide OLED panels to Apple

The rumors that LG will be one of the companies that Apple will provide OLED panels are not now , if not already have several months on the table, and this agreement that seemed distant would be closer than expected ending the exclusivity that Samsung has in this regard and the possible price reduction for this much needed competitiveness.
With more providers of OLED screens, the possible delay in the manufacture of the iPhone 8 that was discussed and that would be due in part to this type of screens, would be reduced.
Currently there is no signed agreement as highlighted by the Korea Herald , but the statements that have been heard according to this medium cited have a tone that suggests that it is already being finalized. 
These rumors about an agreement between Apple and LG began when an investment of 13,700 million dollars was made in the production chain of LG OLED screens. Samsung is sure to start worrying as it will soon run out of the bargain of being alone in the sector of OLED displays for Apple.
LG will not be the only company to provide this type of panels, but a Chinese manufacturer, BOE , would also have offered to build several OLED panel production lines that would be exclusive to Apple.
Will this competition lead to a price reduction in future iPhone? Leave us in the comments box that you think about it.

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