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Monday, December 4, 2017

Messenger Kids, a safe messaging service for children with approved contacts

The smallest of the houses every time they begin to be interested in technology sooner and they have their first mobile phone or tablet or iPad Touch that does not require a phone number at a younger age. This puts them in danger because the network is not a very safe site when you do not have enough maturity or the appropriate technological education to know where you should get or not, and with whom you should relate and with whom not. Facebook wants to deploy a version of Messenger, called Messenger Kids, that is intended for these children, where all contacts are approved by parents. 

Facebook will launch Messenger Kids designed for the little ones

Facebook Messenger Logo Blue
This application will only be available for iOS users although they will end up opening to everyone a month later, that is, to Android users. Engadget has been the one that has given this news today, stating that this application will not require any phone number that usually the little ones do not have, even if they have a mobile that only connects to WiFi or a tablet or an iPod Touch that does not require any number . Specifically they put the following:
Most children tend to use tablets or an iPod Touch that do not have phone numbers, so text messages and normal video chats are a no-go. Of course they could use an application like FaceTime or Hangouts, but most of them do not offer the kind of control that parents want, especially for younger children.
The second aspect that stands out of this app is the security that will provide the child. The father or mother with his Facebook account must authorize the contacts of his children in Messenger. The explanation is the following:
Parents are the only ones who can add contacts for their children. And the only way they can do it is through Facebook. The addition of adult family members such as grandpa and grandma is easy, since you probably already have Facebook accounts. Adults can use Messenger as a normal application to talk with children. But let's say that your son wants to make friends with other children. So what? In this case, you have to be friends with Facebook with the parents of that friend. If that friend is already in Messenger Kids, he will see his name under his parents' name and can be clicked to add him as a friend of his son. The parents of this friend will then have to approve their contact request in order to add their child to the friend's friend list as well.
We are looking forward to seeing this application in operation and see the reception it has in the market. What do you think about this movement on Facebook? Leave us your vision in the comments box.

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