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Monday, December 11, 2017

Monday has come with new apps and free games, just today!

The arrival of the week brings us the usual, back to work, studies and routine. But we are here to give a little atmosphere to the subject and propose that you download some apps and games that are going to be free today , when they are normally paid. So, why miss the opportunity? Starting a Monday like this is something that is priceless, like these apps!

Ferdinand: Unstoppabull

Guide the powerful bull FERDINAND and its friends in an exciting adventure with puzzles! Solve puzzles and have fun with this combination of 3 incremental blocks where you will dance through beautiful Spanish landscapes in an epic mission to bring joy and dance to every corner!


Steampunk Puzzle is a game based on realistic physical laws. As a player, you must lower the object to the container at the bottom of the playing field. To do so, you will need to manipulate some or all of the parts in the field, which consist of gears, screws, pendulums, objects and static and dynamic structures, etc. This puzzle, consisting of more than 300 fun levels , guarantees addictive gameplay and a test of the player's intellectual abilities


Are you burlesque of the classic grayish keyboard of the iPhone? Now it's time to add some rainbow color strokes to the keys with the new Rainbow keyboard, exclusive for iPhone and iPad. Change the color of your keyboard can be done in seconds, choose the theme that matches your style or even your clothes .

Photo Street Maps

Photo Street Maps shows a photo view on street maps. And it is incredibly fast. He is able to find any location by zip code, partial address, store name or reference point name by typing, or verbalizing the location.
  • Just drop a map pin on a street.
  • Then touch the "Information" button to reveal the street view.

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