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Monday, December 25, 2017

No, the iPad Pro is not good for everything, but it's an incredible device

The dispute over whether the iPad Pro can replace a computer we have been listening for quite some time.
The truth is that we have an extraordinary device, but that has certain shortcomings for some activities.
In terms of mobility and performance there is nothing to discuss. It has no rival , the same screen as a MacBook Pro and a potential that has nothing to envy its siblings of macOS. In addition to having a touch screen and the compatibility of an Apple Pencil .

Designing in WordPress with the iPad Pro

I use the iPad Pro every day. Every time I leave home with a forecast of several hours, I usually take the iPad Pro in a backpack to take advantage of the waiting time to get work or create new content.
Practically, my MacBook Pro has become my desktop with an external monitor and the iPad Pro on my laptop. I have practically been able to perform the same actions on both devices. With more or less difficulty, but in the end I have achieved it. The "trick" is not to emulate the actions we perform on the Mac, on the contrary, we must adapt to this environment.
But the truth is that lately I am encountering a series of problems that prevent me from continuing with my work, for example, designing web pages in WordPress .
WordPress has greatly improved its writing application, each time it is better integrated with iOS 11 and allows you to make any changes without major problems. But the interaction with Safari or other navigators, makes it impossible to design a website in mobility or make certain changes.
There are several tools that allow us to host a WordPress installation in a volatile way, that is, with a limited life time. This is fine enough to make some designs or directly test some plugins, but after several days of testing, it is not viable to do it with an iPad Pro.

The iPad Pro in other activities

iPad Pro Ricky
In other fields, for example a podcast , I can have a user experience similar to MacBook Pro thanks to a Lightning adapter and doing some juggling to connect with Skype simultaneously or add background music.
As for writing, it is not necessary to say anything, it fulfills its mission without any kind of problems, especially with the keyboard that I usually use on a daily basis , of which, it gives me the same touch and stroke of keys as a MacBook Pro, in addition to Have several dedicated quick action keys.
The latter is important, having dedicated keys and playing with keyboard shortcuts, make the iPad Pro experience and adaptation to it, much faster and save a lot of time at the end of each day.

Performance and unique features of the iPad

In my case, I opted for an LTE version , without a doubt, the best decision I made in his day. The iPad Pro is a computer that you have to turn on and work, not turn on, check that you have enough battery in the computer that provides you with a WiFi connection and then link. Mobility and total independence , that is the key of the iPad Pro, at least, in my case.
The touch screen can be an impediment for many, basically because we are used to working horizontally with a mouse or TrackPad and not vertically. Suffering the typical "monkey finger".
But thanks to the touch screen, you can work much better in certain applications, whether graphic design to make some covers as in taking notes by hand while collecting information about something.
On the battery, the truth is that Apple is doing a good job, both working on LTE and WiF i. This can vary a lot depending on the coverage areas, the more the iPad tries hard to get a good signal, the battery will go down considerably.

The iPad suffers with the Sun in LTE

It should also be noted that the iPad Pro with LTE is usually blocked and overheated when you are working on LTE and there is at least a little Sun, although we have a pleasant temperature. Honoring the truth, this problem has diminished with the latest iOS updates.
In short, the iPad Pro is an extraordinary team that can replace a PC on many occasions and depending on the type of use, but not in all variants, no matter how hard we try to adapt and not emulate the same actions we would do in Mac, today, is not viable.

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