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Friday, December 1, 2017

OCU criticizes Apple for the fragility of the new iPhone X

To demonstrate the fragility of the iPhone X , from  OCU have used 3 terminals of Apple to perform different tests.
None of the three phones have passed the tests they have done, stating that the iPhone X is a really fragile phone.
From the OCU claim that other devices have successfully passed the same tests , where they wonder why a terminal of more than 1,000 euros does not offer the same resistance as others of lower economic value.

A fragile terminal but with good features

Despite the fragility of the tests carried out by the OCU, they praise the quality of the photographs and the new Face ID security system, where ease of use stands out.
The tests of water resistance , yes that have had a good qualification, where they remember that these tests are quite demanding and where the iPhone X passed the tests without any kind of problems.
They emphasize that the iPhone X is a good phone, but it is too fragile. Apple should offer more resistance to falls and small bumps . This is reported in their publication, where they also warn that the screen has all the ballots to break at the slightest carelessness.
For these tests, the OCU has used three iPhone X , ie, about 3,500 euros market value to show that, indeed, the iPhone X does not offer resistance in small accidents of day to day.
The recommendation of the OCU to all users who have an iPhone X is that they take care of it and that they put a screen protector or a case .

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