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Monday, December 11, 2017

Phil Schiller speaks clearly about Apple

In an interview with El País, Apple CEO Phil Schiller offers several really interesting notes about the company's products.
It is curious as it reveals to us that Apple has not abandoned the professional sector, as the Mac mini is still among the plans of the company or how the Apple Watch is helping in health issues to users.
It also offers a dart to Google , where it states that they do not market with customer data because it is not their philosophy, where data is safe and they can not read our emails or sensitive information.

Phil Schiller is sincere

Phil Schiller and Craig Federighi
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Apple is often behind the competition in several devices, one of them is the HomePod , a smart speaker that has suffered an unexpected delay, where Apple has lost the Christmas campaign, but that does not matter:
"We want to do it very well and we have to take some time to do it as we want. Our philosophy is to be the best. I think we have made the right decision "
Regarding the professional range, he denies that Apple has abandoned the professional sector, where he points out that the Mac Pro is about to arrive to cover that particular sector.
Likewise, he denies that the Mac mini is forgotten by Apple, insists that it is not among the company's plans to make the most economical Mac of the entire Mac range disappear.
Apple is immersed in the education and health sector . In the case of education, says that the iPad is geared for kindergarten, but in the case of high school or college, recommends the Mac to get more out of it.
With the issue of health , Phill Schiller breast to say that it is an important part for Apple, where they work on devices that are able to detect heart problems. Recognizes Apple's interest in studying diabetes, a rumor that does not deny:
"We still can not share anything, but it's one of our concerns"
He strongly denies that Apple is working on a hybrid device between a Mac and an iPad. Both devices fulfill a certain function, so they will continue to be different equipment:
"I do not see it on the horizon. The merger between the Mac and the iPad is not in the plans. They are two categories that are appreciated and have their function. "
In the case of virtual reality , responds to what is already a known response, Apple is not interested in virtual reality, but in augmented reality , as we have seen this year:
"Virtual reality has less potential than augmented reality. We have taken time because we wanted to do it well, generating a unique experience on iPad and iPhone. "
In conclusion, thanks to this interview with Phil Schiller , we can see how Apple is focused on health issues, augmented reality and how the Mac mini will not disappear from its catalog, as well as professional range, where the iMac Pro will go on sale soon.

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