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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Shazam is updated on iOS added an offline mode

A few weeks ago Apple announced that it acquired Shazam , the famous application that we all know and whose function is to listen to the songs and tell us all the information of the same to be able to listen to it in Apple Music or Spotify and finally save it in our library if we liked it a lot. that song that we listen to on the radio and from which we do not know the title.

Now you can use Shazam offline

With the latest update that we have seen today, Shazam has added a very interesting feature, which is the offline mode that will help us on numerous occasions in which we do not have Internet access but we want to know the song that is playing.
This update does not contain any other noteworthy news. The notes of these updates are the following:
Keep using Shazam to identify songs, even when you do not have a connection. The next time the music plays without there being Wi-Fi you just have to press the big blue button and we will give you the title of the song as soon as you have a connection again. We will notify you immediately and the songs will be waiting for you at My Shazam.
Do not forget that you can save your Shazams and have them synchronized between your different devices. For that, it's enough that you create an account. We take care of making them a backup so that they are stored.
As you can read, no connection will not give you the information of that song at the moment, but it will record what is sounding and it will look for it as soon as you have an internet connection,  sending you a notification as soon as the information is available An interesting feature to give an offline mode to an app that we did not think it could have, since it must compare songs with a database that can not be downloaded to your iPhone.
We will see if all this we are seeing in Shazam for iOS will end up seeing in Siri in iOS 12 , because as you know now Shazam is Apple and that is why you want to see how this novelty cove in the users and apply it on their own OS.

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