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Thursday, December 28, 2017

Siri may insult you as a motivation to complete the Activity rings

Thanks to an American Army training program, Siri can insult you as a motivation to complete the rings of activity.
Apple wants healthy customers who are able to complete the Activity rings so as not to discredit the brand.
To achieve this, the new update (filtered) of watchOS will incorporate a series of instructions as if we had a personal trainer.
We already saw the collaboration of Apple with the Mayo Clinic to maintain a healthy life in the Health app, now, Apple wants us to be able to meet our weekly goals.

Siri will have new voices and phrases

Siri and The Rock in a series of ads
The new update will incorporate new voices in different languages (except Chinese Mandarin), to be able to offer a more strict tone in the orders of the physical exercises.
The developer @MattGrening, said in Twiter that some of the phrases he had found in the source code were similar to the training of American recruits and multi-level training programs.
Some of the reported phrases refer to not attending the gym, swimming sessions, the few kilometers reached in running or cycling (among others).
"This week I've seen you less at the gym than Paco Lara collecting awards"
"Go to the pool for a while to float that body instead of taking the position on the couch"
"You only drink Aquarius and you wear a tracksuit when you have diarrhea"
"You should remove the saddle to the bike to go faster"
In total, some 75 phrases with motivations in different tones have been found , according to the degree of sedentary lifestyle we have and our weekly progress.

The development team

In addition to this software update, Apple will incorporate new steel belts that could emit small electric shocks to abandon sedentary life.
Phil Schiller called these downloads the biggest downloads they've ever built. The feeling is similar to improved Taptic Engine and it will work even with tattooed dolls.
According to Jony Ive , he insisted that the straps be anodized aluminum to remember the magical design of the iPhone 5. The strap would be a piece and size only, without any link to have a more minimalist design.
Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak also talked about this update to complete the activity rings, where he said from the CapCrunch media that, "Apple should focus better on incorporating the Touch ID under the Apple Watch screen . "
Tim Cook, on the other hand, affirmed that he is very excited with this new agreement with the Army of the United States . Thanks to Siri, the activity program and the slowed-down iPhone, customers will see how they become Jeff Bezos , CEO of Amazon (Prime format) after four weeks thanks to this training agreement.
In Spain, it is unknown who could adopt this series of new voices for Siri , although you can see some leaks of American actors from HERE .

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