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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

So you can unlock the iPhone X by Face ID without looking at it

The new iPhone X requires that we look at least its screen so that Face ID can unlock our terminal as safely as possible.
On certain occasions, we may need to unlock our terminal without looking at it. Therefore, there is a way that is little known among users, where we can access our iPhone X without looking at it .
Of course, all the security that we can implement the iPhone X will be much better, but if you need to unlock the terminal without looking, we explain how to do it.

Use Face ID without looking at the iPhone X screen

Face ID accesibildiad
The procedure is really simple, although it is somewhat hidden for most users. This option is in accessibility and is intended for people who have certain visual difficulties.
  • We enter ADJUSTMENTS
  • We click on ACCESSIBILITY
  • We go down to FACE ID AND ATTENTION
  • We introduce our security code
Ready, you have already configured the iPhone X so you can unlock it without looking at it. In the tests carried out, the truth has worked quite well , where we have not found any kind of problem.
Yes, the security thus decreases considerably, since they could even unlock our iPhone while we are sleeping and focus the terminal to our face.
This measure of accessibility is designed for those people who have vision problems, who need very dark glasses or who can not look at the iPhone screen when required.
As we say, we recommend as much as possible not to deactivate the "Require attention to Face ID " function in order to maintain the security of our device and our personal data.
If instead, you want to try it because it is much easier to unlock your iPhone X through Face ID but without paying much attention, you know how to do it quickly and easily.

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