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Friday, December 1, 2017

Apple will present a low cost iPad to attract more users

Something that highlights Apple, unfortunately, is the high price of their products,but has managed to stand out in the world of high-end tablets with the iPad Pro. Many are the users who have opted for this terminal but if you are looking lower benefits and therefore a lower price, Apple launched an iPad (to dry) at a price of 400 euros that satisfied many users who have chosen to acquire it, but Apple wants to launch another cheaper, or at least it would be planning. The price of this would be around 300 dollars. 

Apple will present an affordable low cost iPad for all

In March is when it is expected to present this new iPad that will be placed as the cheapest in the history of Apple. This is logical, it would coincide with the launch last year of this iPad to dry . The price that according to Digitimes will have this new iPad will be $ 259 assuming a difference of almost $ 100 with respect to the one we currently have.
iPad 2017
If we translate to euros and respecting the difference they make from Apple, because the conversion is not exact, it would have a price of 320 euros , a price quite affordable if we compare it with the iPad Pro and in the line of high ranges of other brands. The size will be 9.7 inches and will probably not incorporate the Face ID and will continue with bevels, to reduce production costs. 
Why does Apple do this? Basically to resuscitate the world of the tablet that is quite hurt in recent years, seeing a few tablets very low in the current market and that is why Apple has realized, at last, that to compete in this world and attract the ordinary users. This would do it with an interesting discount.
We still do not know the technical specifications but we hope that in March we will see this new iPad reduced. In addition, rumors suggest that in March we will see another Apple tablet with Face ID and without bezels . Will we see Apple in 2018 trying to resurrect the iPad? Leave me in the comments box what you think about this.

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