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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Spotify and Deezer at war with Apple over commissions

Again, Spotify and Deezer complain about Apple's privileged position in music services within the App Store.
This complaint comes from the commissions that Apple demands in the subscriptions of streaming music services. So much so, that Spotify recommends its users to register through their website.
Apple, currently, charges a 15% commission within its App Store platform , instead of 30%, enough for Spotify or Deezer have to increase the fees within App Store subscriptions to compensate for those losses.

Spotify asks for a fair game

Apple Music or Spotify
Both services have taken their complaint to the president of the European Union . This complaint calls for the "braking in the dry" of the privileged position that big companies abuse.
Currently, all streaming music services have a similar price in all its variants. But even though App Store is a pretty interesting advertising window, the commission applied by Apple, makes these services have their prices increase to compensate the commissions.
In the case of Spotify , if we want to hire it in the App Store, the price will be increased, while if we register through the Spotify website, we will have the normal price.
Spotify and Deezer claim that Apple favors its own services, where they play with a clear disadvantage. This maneuver aims that streaming music services that compete with Apple Music, can offer the same service without the commissions that Apple requires in the App Store.
At the moment, Apple has not ruled on the matter. The truth is that Apple has already lowered its percentages from 30 to 15% in the App Store, of course, Spotify or Deezer are included.

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