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Monday, December 4, 2017

Spotify matches Apple Music offerings

Spotify has launched a couple of interesting offers, where it competes directly with Apple Music in this price war that benefits us, the customers.
Apple Music has an individual price of 9.99 euros per month, but if we hire one year, they give us 2 free months , with a final price of 99 euros per year.
Spotify does the same with a limited offer, also offers 3 months Premium for 0.99 euros . The same offer that Apple offers to new users.

Price war

Spotify vs Apple Music
Spotify usually sends interesting offers every so often, now and until next December 31, 2017 , we have the opportunity to save two months by contracting an individual annual plan.
For all customers who have never been Premium, they can benefit from 3 months for only 0.99 euros in total. This offer also we have it in Apple Music , where it became free during the first 3 months at 0.99 euros for new users.
These streaming music services are very similar between Apple Music and Spotify. Being the first one that has more integration in iOS devices . Spotify on the other hand, does not have a native application for the Apple Watch , although it is working with a third-party developer to implement it.
Apple Music does not offer a free content service, instead Spotify, yes. With the freemode we can listen to songs in a random way and with integrated advertising.
The audios have less quality and we can not download them on our devices to listen to them without connection. But it is a good way to try the free service for a longer time, however Apple does not allow this option.
Currently, Spotify has more than 60 million Premium users and about 140 million total users contact with those who have a free plan. Apple in the latest known data, amounted to 30 million unique .
Both services have discounts for students and a family plan to share the economic burden of streaming music service. Now that the payment plans are matched, for both Spotify and Apple Music , users will have to choose the service that suits them best.

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